ABM Mentors

Australian Business Mentors Mentors are highly skilled and experienced professionals who have themselves been in business at senior levels.  They empathise with Senior Executives experiencing problems, understand how a successful business operates and are therefore highly effective and knowledgeable professionals.  Our Mentors are able to fast track the learning process of their Mentees by imparting in a short space of time their greater knowledge and experience gained over many years.  

Our Mentors are persistent observers and active listeners and are particularly suited to mentor:

  • Senior Executives who have experienced the range of formal management development programs and now require development and support specifically tailored to the particular challenges facing them in their organisations;
  • Young Senior Executives who need to enhance their senior management skills or learn new ones, following their rapid rise through the ranks;
  • Young Senior Executives who have an older workforce reporting to them and who are having difficulty bridging the age gap;
  • Senior Executives with subordinate executives who show great promise but who could benefit from some guidance;
  • Business owners, and
  • New graduates.

Australian Business Mentors Mentors are people-centred and their only desire in their Mentee relationship is to see their Mentee succeed.  Our Mentors will listen, question and only advise, and their advice will be given without judgement or criticism.  Our Mentors have the skills for developing others and become fully committed to their Mentees, building a sound rapport and bringing clarity and focus to their development and to challenges they may be facing.    

Australian Business Mentors Mentors are selected for the knowledge and experience that match the needs of the Mentee.  Our Mentors encourage Senior Executives to think in innovative ways and, in many cases, provide a new perspective which may promote different, often more effective, ways of operating.