Training Courses

1. Mentoring Workshop (one day)

This workshop examines the overall process, roles and skills involved in mentoring and is aimed at providing participants with a solid start to their mentoring journey.

The workshop provides participants with a solid grounding in the concept of mentoring and the processes for managing a learning relationship, a portfolio of basic techniques and approaches, and some initial practice.

2. Mentoring – Tool Kit for Mentors/Mentees Workshop (one day each)

These workshops form the foundation training for individuals who wish to learn more about the skills and techniques of being a Mentor/Mentee.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have:

  • understood how mentoring will work
  • begun the matching process
  • understood the differences between the roles of Mentor and Mentee
  • examined the key stages of a mentoring relationship
  • understood how a Mentor helps and adds value
  • discussed and practised mentoring situations.

3. Facilitators/Train-the-Trainer Workshop (2 days)

This workshop will provide the skills and materials to enable participants to run a skills development workshop for Mentors and Mentees, and create and manage effective mentoring programs and training events.

4. Mentoring Coordinator Workshop (one day)

This intensive workshop provides participants with the essential skills and competencies needed to run a successful organisational mentoring program. By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • gained a common understanding of what mentoring is
  • understood the key elements of implementing a mentoring program
  • designed and practised program elements
  • understood the roles and responsibilities of a program coordinator
  • completed an introduction to the International Standards for Mentoring Programs in Employment

5. International Standards for Mentoring Programs in Employment (ISMPE) Assessors Workshop (one day)

This workshop qualifies participants as ISMPE Assessors.


6. Other workshops can be customised/tailored for the particular organisation or individual.


7.  e-Mentoring - Online Training Course – Mentoring That Makes A Difference

MediaPro Inc offers a high quality, adaptable, e-learning mentoring solution that can be customised to your specific needs and budget. e-learning allows for flexibility and people can take the course at their own convenience, which reduces work interruption and lowers cost.  Learn more about e-mentoring

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