The Mentoring That Makes a Difference courseware is a highly engaging, web-based solution offering a proven process for employee mentoring. It allows employees to take courses at their own convenience, reducing work interruption and includes two modules - one directed at the mentors, the other at the mentees.

The mentoring courseware is a research-based mentoring process designed to help your employees get the most out of their mentoring experience. Research has shown that if mentoring relationships don’t follow an intentional process, they tend to diminish over time. If used effectively, the process will help your mentoring relationship form easily, work productively, and end in a natural and fulfilling manner.

The courseware focus is on the mentoring skills necessary to make a mentoring relationship work. These skills are presented as four shared core skills, which both mentors and mentees need, and five skills each specific to mentors and mentees.

Each course deals with the four-shared core skills of mentoring:  the mentor’s version discusses the additional skills needed by the mentor, while the mentee’s version covers the specific skills needed by the mentee.


The Mentoring That Makes a Difference course was developed in partnership with MediaPro Inc, Microsoft Corporation and CCC/The Mentoring Group. It provides a simple process to give structure to the mentoring relationship, and 14 critical skills for mentors and mentees. The courseware can be used for live training situations or as a self-paced learning resource for individuals or mentoring partners. The package would be a great addition to any resource library.

Below is the link to demo the course.  You will need to launch the course using Internet Explorer. 


Login:  australia

Password:  mentoring

Your email address:

On the opening screen you can select your audio preference.  It is highly recommended that you preview the course with SOUND ON. 

MediaPro has won many awards for their mentoring courseware which represents a great opportunity to increase mentoring outcomes by utilising a structured process and highlighting core mentoring skills.

Thank you for taking the time to review the MediaPro work samples.  An Australian Business Mentors mentor will follow up with you in the next few days to discuss your impressions of the Mentoring That Makes a Difference courseware. 

Thanks again and enjoy the tour! 


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