About Us

Australian Business Mentors is a Sydney-based organisation specialising in mentoring programs, and mentoring training for the corporate sector. It provides mentors for senior executives, department heads, business owners and graduates. 

Australian Business Mentors is associated with Peer Resources, an international mentoring authority based in Canada, and is the Australian distributor for MediaPro Inc. a US-based mentoring organisation.

Australian Business Mentors accredited trainers, can provide workshops and seminars covering:

  • Train-the-Trainer for Mentor trainers
  • Coach training
  • Mentor program development
  • Peer program development
  • Mentor and Mentee training
  • Facilitator training
Australian Business Mentors  can also provide:
  • Assistance in the design and implementation of in-house corporate/government mentoring programs, including training of Mentors/Mentees, Mentor/Mentee matching, and program co-ordination and evaluation.  This also includes the preparation of customised documentation tailored to the particular organisation/government department.
  • Information sessions including presentations to larger groups or organisations about mentoring, emphasising the benefits, rationale and resources required.
  • Individual consultations and coaching, primarily for individuals who would like specific information or resources to assist them to initiate or strengthen a mentoring program.
  • Access to all documents on mentoring, continuously updated research and information about trends, issues and concepts.
For more information on the products and services provided by Australian Business Mentors please contact us.


International Standards for Mentoring Programs in Employment (ISMPE). The standards have been generated to fill a gap in the evaluation of mentoring programs, with an emphasis on programs in adult employment and development. The ISMPE was developed by a board of international mentoring experts and program facilitators. To find out more about the standards and how to have your program assessed, please contact the ISMPE direct at support@ismpe.com or visit the website at http://www.ismpe.com/ismpe_home.php. Australian Business Mentors trainers are accredited to assess mentoring programs using International Standards for Mentoring Programs in Employment (ISMPE)

Peer Resources www.peer.ca/peer is an international mentoring authority that has been in operation since 1975.  Internationally, it has an unequalled record of experienced and published experts in peer, mentor, and coaching systems. Peer Resources has widely-used helping resource manuals, technical articles, and curricula and is a leading authority for mentoring, coaching, and peer helping. Peer Resources designed and implemented a national mentor strategy to prevent school dropouts in Canada,  one of the most successful education campaigns ever launched by the Canadian government. This project connected 30,000 mentors with 100,000 at-risk primary and secondary students over a three-year period.

MediaPro Inc www.mediapro.com is an award-winning educational services firm that helps companies achieve their strategic business objectives through learning solutions. As nationally recognised experts in effective learning, MediaPro partnered with The Mentoring Group, www.mentoringgroup.com, to produce the world-class e-learning mentoring courseware Mentoring That Makes a Difference.