How We Work

In providing mentoring support Australian Business Mentors Mentors:

  • act as a sounding board for new ideas;
  • provide guidance and direction;
  • provide advice or appropriate persons or groups to help support Senior Executives, and
  • help identify appropriate needs or skills upgrading for the Senior Executive.

Our Mentors use a systematic and structured mentoring program involving four stages:

  • Stage one: Relationship Building
  • Stage Two: Setting Meeting Schedules
  • Stage Three: Mentee Development
  • Stage Four: Evaluating Progress

Relationship Building: A trusting relationship is critical to the success of mentoring and Mentees must feel secure to discuss any matter or to reveal their inner most fears to their Mentor. During this stage our Mentors focus on establishing a basis for mutual respect and trust and getting to know the Mentee. This critical step will also include exploring the experience of both Mentor and Mentee. Time and effort is needed to build this kind of relationship.

Setting Meetings: During this stage the expectations of both the Mentor and Mentee are clarified, criteria for success are established, and agreement is reached on the timing, location, frequency, duration and confidentiality of the meetings.

Mentee Development: This is the longest stage in the mentoring process during which goals are set, objectives are established to reach those goals and activities selected to achieve the objectives.

Evaluating Progress: In this stage the success of the mentoring program is evaluated and assessed against the established criteria.

Australian Business Mentors Mentors do not provide consulting advice or become involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation. Mentees are expected to drive the relationship and be responsible for their own learning and development with their Mentor providing guidance and acting as a learning facilitator. Australian Business Mentors Mentors help Mentees to find their own answers.